Custom software, including web sites, provide the ultimate means of streamlining processes within an organisation.

For example, think of a shop that sells hammers. A customer asks Uncle Google where to buy a hammer, and gets directed to this particular stores’ website. Now think about the difference between these two websites;

1. A basic, professional, information site that lists the hammers, store location, and even maybe some prices.
It takes a customer maybe two minutes to look up the hammer they want, maybe compare its features with another one, and see the price. Because our store is not local, the customer then picks up the phone and orders the hammer of their choice. This means the customer has no choice but to occupy one of the stores sales reps for five minutes to place his order – and introduces a human error element (will the rep take the order correctly?).

2. An integrated shopping solution with a catalog, prices, and payment options.
It takes the customer the same two minutes to look up the hammer, compare it, price it and so forth. Two clicks later we can hit the “Place Order” button, put in some credit card details, and the order is in the system, paid for, and 100% correct (or at the very least any errors are not due to your sales staff).

If we had other internal customised systems, they could then see new orders in the website and automatically place them into the production/ordering queue and it could be on the very next delivery courier without anyone in the store having to touch it

And it’s not just web sites

Web sites are merely the most common custom software in use. In real world applications there is purpose-built software running vast portions of real businesses. Do you have a payroll system? An HR system? Emails? All of these things were written by a vendor to perform a specific set of tasks for a specific purpose.

At Simpler Technology we have the skills and experience to design and develop software to meet your needs. Our highly trained staff hold a vast array of industry certifications across the gamut of development disciplines and even the associated certifications for the management of the development process with team collaboration products.

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