Custom PCs

If you’ve noticed your computer is seriously lagging these days, there’s probably a good reason for it – just like the way your dear old car gets slower, less efficient, and noisy in its old age.

You can do things to improve it! There’s some targeted free advice below if you’re looking to fix things, as well as the DIY section. If you’ve already decided it’s upgrade time though, we’re here to help.

A new PC can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, depending on your requirements. At Simpler Technology, we ask a few pointed questions and then price up a custom spec FOR YOUR NEEDS. Any computer shop will have a stack of in-house built prices with numerous options, but what do you actually need or want? You’ll probably pick by finding one that’s priced about 10% less than you want to spend, then pick the RAM upgrade, and away you go.

We offer a range of PCs and Tablets over on our eStore, but if you’d like something entirely custom spec you’re welcome to send us an email onĀ Tell us what you want to use it for, how often, and what level of games you play if at all (Facebook, Bejewelled, Battlefield 3). Include your budget and we’ll tailor a system to deliver you the best value we can.

If you’re hoping to salvage what you’ve got, you need to look into the cause of your troubles.

  1. Hardware fatigue. While this is a huge factor in the car (motors, gearboxes, brake pads), it isn’t generally as important with your computer. The common type of hard drive is one of these parts though, it spins magnetic platters like a record player and after years of spinning at 5400rpm it can get a little shaky. You can read more on hard drive issues in this DIY article.
  2. Software clogging. This is the main offender for the basic home office machine, and it refers to the millions of applications you have installed over time. Contrary to popular belief, simply having the application installed doesn’t slow down your computer at all unless it is running. Unfortunately, lots of applications benefit from running at least a small bit in the background which lets them update behind the scenes or maybe see you’re about to need it and proactively do something for you. iTunes, for example, is a huge offender – if you have it installed you almost certainly have an iTunesHelper service running, and Apples’ Bonjour! service. You can clean these up yourself if you like.
  3. Increasing requirements. Gaming machines almost always suffer from this faster than any other age factor, and it means the games you’re trying to run are getting more and more sophisticated. In the mid 90’s, a game called Quake came out and it required a whole new machine for almost everyone. The revolution in graphics technology and processor speeds all happened at once, 3D graphics add-on cards became popular, and everyone had to buy what was considered an excessive amount of RAM. Today, that computer will barely run Word. Software has evolved too.

At Simpler Technology we like to help, so solutions to all three of these problems can be found in our DIY section for the tech savvy home-handyman. If you’d prefer to get in the specialist help, we’d recommend calling our good friends over at Geeks2U. Why are we referring you to them? Quite simply they have a huge team of operators and a vast fleet of technicians across the country who can come to you within a day or two at all hours, which is something we simply aren’t big enough to do at the right price.