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No you can’t just add space to your hard drive, here’s why

I saw a friend post on Facebook that “no, you can’t add more space to your hard drive” and laughed to myself that I’ve had those customers too. That of course got me thinking that maybe there’s something to this that we, the IT community, could share with normal users to explain exactly why your

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CPU: Gigahertz aren’t everything

It’s a very common misconception that clock speed is the indicator of how fast a processor is. Clock speed is expressed these days in Gigahertz (GHz), and in generic terms refers to the number of cycles per second a processor will process. Now, that sounds like more is better. If you’re comparing two processors in

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RAM explained

So often, customers complain that they need more RAM. Granted this is often true, but usually it’s an easy thing to blame for poor PC performance. Frustratingly, it is also the first thing a lot of places will sell you – it’s relatively cheap, it’s easy to install, and you’ll see some improvement fairly quickly.

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Hard Drive Issues

One thing your hard drive manufacturer will tell you is this; Your hard drive WILL fail eventually. It’s true, every brand, every model, every type. Why is that? Well there’s a few reasons, but the main one that gives us an absolute mathematical certainty a drive will fail is simple mechanical wear and tear. Until

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Laptop power problems

Having a little trouble getting the laptop charged up? Or does it go flat quickly? Maybe it only works on the mains power? Save yourself a callout and try these few simple things first; 1. Is the power cable working? This is the easiest thing to check in most cases. Plug it in, turn on

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