Making Canberra’s IT Simpler

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Simpler Technology – it’s not just a name, it’s our philosophy. Our highly trained staff are able to assist with basically anything IT from custom software development to new systems to network support – you name it. Have a quick think about this;

  1. Are you paying a lot for maintenance of your network, but still having ongoing issues?
  2. Did you nearly faint when you got that quote for new PCs? Or a new server?
  3. Does your technology get in the way of your business sometimes?

None of those are good things, but you didn’t need us to tell you that. How do we turn that around?

It’s Simple. (Really, it is!). Here’s how our philosophy works;

  1. Ask the customer what they actually want, and what the business need is. This way you get quotes for the right things.
  2. Provide a clear and detailed quote, itemising all the extra pieces involved. Now you know what it will cost and what you’re actually going to get.
  3. Deliver as promised, and go over the installation on site. How else will you know it’s done, and done properly?

Sadly, you’ve probably already encountered businesses that miss that simple first step. They didn’t ask the right questions, and you probably got what you asked for but it doesn’t do what you actually need it to. Then what? Spend at least that much again on the correct item? That doesn’t sound like very good value, does it?

What about that second step? Have you ever bought something and then at installation later been told “Oh, you actually need to have one of these too”. A prime example in this industry is a server – is installation in the price? Does it have software on it? Will it handle my email? The hidden costs can easily double the price of something like that. That sounds annoying.

Lastly, checking that it works and you understand how to use it is so obviously important that we won’t go into that here – in stead please feel free to explore our range of products and services!